Cat Friendly Practice

At North Bay Animal Hospital we recognize that many of our feline friends have needs that are different from their canine counter-parts. Here are some of the things we do to make their stay more comfortable.

  • Cat Exam room – This exam room is in a quieter area of the building and is equipped with a Feliway dispenser to reduce feline stress. A “happy cat” pheromone is released from the dispenser which helps anxious cats to feel more relaxed.



  • Cat Kennel Area – A separate, quiet, dog-free kennel area is available for hospitalized cats as well as large multi level kennels for cats who are boarding. Take a virtual tour of the cat boarding
  • Special Treatment – We know cats can be a challenge to medicate at home. Whenever possible, we opt for long acting injectable products, oral suspensions or transdermal products that make treatment easier.
  • Cats like it Hot! – Especially during anesthesia cats are provided with circulating warm water blankets to keep them toasty warm.  Hospitalized cats are always provided with warm blankets for kennel bedding.


  • Less is Best – We are very sensitive to the fact that cats hate being over handled.  Stressed cats often prefer to be examined while swaddled in a blanket or in the comfort of the cradle of the bottom of their carrier. With cats less is always better!
  • Feline Nutrition – We are your nutrition experts.  Cats have very specific nutritional needs.  Feeding a balanced feline diet can reduce the incidence of disease and extend life.  Always ask us if you are unsure what food may be best for your cat.
  • AAFP – Our clinic is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners. This group helps to keep us current on all feline health issues.

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