With a referral from your regular veterinarian, we will perform an initial assessment at your farm. You will be sent a questionnaire via email which will provide us with a detailed history of your case prior to the visit- this will save time and allows us to spend more hands on time with you and your horse during out first visit .  The more information you can provide the better!  We all love to talk about our horses so tell us everything!!

As a life-long dressage rider and competitor, I understand the value of proper care and attention that is needed to return an injured or disabled equine athlete to normal mobility to allow them to do their job. The huge success of physical therapy in my small animal practice prompted me to explore physical therapy for horses. I received my certification from the University of Tennessee as a Certified Equine Rehab Practitioner (CERP) and now offer a mobile equine service to horse owners in Ontario. This service is supported and licensed by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.

Following the initial assessment, a treatment plan will be developed specifically for your horse.  A detailed schedule of manual treatments and exercise will be prescribed and hands-on instruction will be provided to enable you to execute all the treatments correctly.  The treatments and exercises are fun and will allow you to spend lots of quality time with your horse.  We will check in with you weekly to monitor your progress and adjust the schedule when needed. Recheck visits may be recommended but are generally scheduled on a case per case basis.  We will provide regular feedback to your regular veterinarian and be in contact with then if further diagnostics or pharmaceutical treatments are recommended.

Conditions Amenable to Rehabilitation

  • Stifle Dysfunction
  • Kissing Spines
  • Ligament and Tendon injuries
  • Wound remodeling
  • Muscular Injury
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Back and Pelvic pain or dysfunction


Equine Rehabilitation and the Rider

Often the rider can impose their own musculoskeletal restrictions on their horse. As a competitive rider for over 40 years, I can appreciate how my physical deficiencies have affected my horses and even influenced injury.  As part of your evaluation it may important to see the horse move under saddle and evaluate saddle fit.

Exercise Protocols

Strict stall rest was once the standard for most muscle, tendon, ligament and orthopedic injuries.  Now we realize that for many injuries, the sooner we can get our equine patients moving (even a little) the easier it can be to heal tissues in correct alignment, with reduced pain, while maintaining and improving soft tissue and boney strength, joint range of motion and topline musculature.  We will work with your regular vet to devise an appropriate activity schedule for your horse’s specific issue.

Wound Management

Proper wound management in the early stages of healing can speed wound healing, prevent secondary infection and prevent debilitating wound contraction.  Modalities such as laser therapy can be provided on farm and can be very helpful in the early stages. We are available for consultation for wound management.

When to start??

EARLY INTERVENTION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!!  Healing muscles, ligaments and tendons benefit from early treatment to maximize normal tissue alignment and return to normal function.  A combination of manual therapies  stretch and massage), modalities ( Laser, TENS, Assissi loop etc)  and simple static or active exercise can be implemented even a few days after an injury.

Core Strength

My favorite subject!! Can you imagine hauling 1000 lbs or more on four thin legs with the force of gravity always on you!  Whether you have a beloved pasture ornament or a top competitive athlete, core strength is the foundation of good equine body mechanics.  Improving core strength is an essential ingredient to successful rehabilitation and a key component in enhancing performance- and improving core strength can be so simple!!!  Let us show you how!


*Equine Performance Enhancement

As equestrians, aren’t we all looking for that little edge that can push our performance into the ribbons in the show ring?  We often look to the newest supplements, newest tack technology and maybe training techniques to improve our horse’s performance- and these all help- but what if we could build a better athlete from the ground up!  Proper biomechanics and core strength can take your performance from average to red ribbon worthy! We can explore some simple manual therapies, training aids and exercises that can significantly improve your horse’s athletic performance regardless of the discipline. Over 40 years in equine sport as a competitive eventer and high-level dressage rider has taught me how important it is to train and strengthen the ” whole” horse.  Maximizing your horse’s fitness and helping him to move in a balanced and supple manner with proper biomechanics will also make your ride so much easier and so much more fun for both you and your equine partner.  Improving your horse‚Äôs way  of going will also make his job much easier.  Horses love to please and thrive athletically when they have the physical tools to do the job well in partnership with you. Improving their physical ability has the potential to strengthen that amazing human-animal bond you have!  So exciting!! Let’s get started!!!!

Does your local horse association or riding group have an interest in exploring enhancing equine performance?  Lectures and hands-on clinics available.