Overnight boarding for cats and dogs is available. Dog boarding space is limited so we reserve boarding spaces for clients only. All boarding animals must be up to date on all vaccinations. It is recommended that all dogs be vaccinated for Bordetella (kennel cough) in addition to all other recommended vaccinations.

Cats are housed in large multi-level or multi-room kennels in a “cat only” area that is quiet and away from the dog area. Cats are fed and cleaned twice a day and have supervised access to explore the cat playroom. Although the kennels are large enough to accommodate two cats from the same household, we generally recommend that familiar cats be kept separate to allow us to better monitor eating, drinking and elimination behaviour.


Small dogs are housed in stainless steel kennels, large dogs in indoor runs with bedding, food and water. All dogs are hand walked in our “backyard” three times a day.

We encourage pet owners with animals requiring daily medication (insulin or oral meds) to consider boarding with us. Our trained staff is equipped to medicate your pet and monitor his or her status throughout their stay. Our veterinary team is always available should any health problem erupt while your pet is with us.

We encourage all pet owners to provide us with a contact number where they can be reached while out of town. If it will not be possible to reach you, a friend or family member can be left responsible for decision making on your behalf.